P.S. You’re Hot

P.S. You’re Hot

According to true statistics, there are “rules” of what makes the optimal online dating profile picture. While different for both sexes, generally speaking if you’re doing something interesting while being sexy you’ll get messaged & contacted at a higher rate. What we are doing is making fun of the fact that most people post the same types of photos, falling into the statistics and creating stereotypes.

Following the “rules” of some of the highest rated success statistics, we have created our own photos as examples of what people post and find on dating apps and websites. This project is based on statistics from books like Christian Rudder’s Dataclysm, Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance & profile tips from various online dating apps and websites.

The statistics we chose to parody are:

– High angle selfie/cleavage shot
– In bed &/or doing something interesting
– Eye contact/looking at the camera

– Smolder/looking away from camera
– Holding an animal &/or showing off muscles (playing to your strength)
– Doing something interesting


We hope you swipe right for P.S. You’re Hot!